Thursday, October 28, 2010

Favorite Songs

Musette and Drums: Cocteau Twins

>Cocteau Twins is a pretty well known and acknowledged band from the way back 80s. This is my current fave song of theirs. It's intense.

Tropikalia: HK 119
Heidi Kilpeläinen is an shockingly beautiful Finnish woman. As a performance artist and musician she makes herself very scary and genderless. I respect that. This song is a very funny/frightening song about climate change if it were sung by Jessica Rabbit on angeldust.

Tenebrae: John Maus
A very weird song about the crucifixion of you-know-who. It has a really bizarre, sick lo-fi 8track kinda thing going on. At about 3 min 45 secs in the song he does a synth solo that is like a laxative in my brain.

Skin of the Night: M83
This song is real pretty and sexy, sounds a little like a Berlin song. Great lyrics and a nice duet. Leave it to the French.

L'Amour Et La Violence: Sebastian Tellier.
Tellier has a gorgeous voice, plays piano beautifully and looks like a sleazy lounge singer. There is a beautiful vintage electronic build up in the song that makes me sad. :(

Out There on the Ice: Cut/Copy.
Cut/ Copy on the surface has a very campy and fun early 90s dance thing happening. This song reminds me a lot of watching the Winter Games as a child. My mind always drifts to thoughts of of the dynamics of success and failure in my family. And it sounds like a hockey game!

Flourescent Half Dome: Dirty Projectors
This song is really pretty and I like the very visual/abstract nature of the band's lyrical style. This song to me, is that at its pinnacle.

Kingfisher: Joanna Newsom
Ms Newsom if you're nasty. She's my all time 2nd favorite musician. Amazing voice and harp. Her writing and compostion skills, for a lady in her mid 20s is inhuman. Her immaculate lyrics are completely fleshed out and sprawling. This song stands out to me as it is less a narrative of her past, but more how she is uncertain of how that is constructing what will come.

Ancestors: Bjork
This song knocked my socks off in 2003. It features Inuit throat singing by Tanya Tagaq. It communicates a lot of very painful feminine expression very successfully with no language (that I can understand) and is very primitive and beautiful.

The Captain: The Knife
The Knife is completely bad ass. This song reminds me a lot of colonization or the discovery of the New World by way of a really shitty VHS copy.

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