Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Public Intervention Art

Pt 1: Salami in the City.
I had this great idea! I think it relates to perhaps Gabriel Orozco in that I simply changed a public space. I took a typical park bench and added a penis dangling off it, fashioned out of masking tape. It's important/applicable being a penis in a non-penisy environment because it also had a great interactive quality, if an participant sat just so, they were then the owner of this very special penis.

Pt 2: Maybe He's Just Not That into Puke.

I think this style is similar to Lilly McElroy's. She seemed to operate her art on acting "inappropriately" in public. A theme i saw throughout her processes was challenging comfort in everyday life. Throwing up in a public park with kids watching and golfers nearby is really foul...and your friend laughing and tapin' it is even more bizarre! The second scene really went off well. I had many more viewers, and felt it was much more of a success. I went for it in a very busy Fred Meyer parking lot and had a lot of viewers. Having very obvious documentation really perplexed my audience.


This gem reminded me of the Erwin Wurm's work. I noticed a theme of combining activity of poses, or just changes of everyday activity to make it notable. On their own neither of these activities would get any attention. Reading and cycling simultaneously is a very unconventional activity.

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